A table is a place where people get together to talk, to eat and drink, to laugh and to argue – or just come together to chat.

No matter if you want to put your cards on your table, or thump the table, the table is often at the centre of our social lives.

The manufactory Tusch Berlin brings a further aspect to the table and redefines table culture in an entirely new way.


Tusch Berlin | Tische mit Mustern | Tables with patterns

All products from the manufactory Tusch Berlin are exclusively hand-made and individually crafted.

The motif or pattern can be selected, according to your taste, from the different collections. It is printed directly on the wood – the texture and the irregularities of the wood appear through, creating a unique and lively table top. The surface is oiled several times and is therefore sturdy and durable.

The table is available in two sizes:

The large table has 4 legs and a total height of 52 cm. The table top has a diameter of 60 cm.

The small table has 3 legs and a total height of 45 cm. The table top has a diameter of 49 cm.

The material of the table top is made of multiplex, the table legs are made of solid beech wood – or if preferred solid oak wood – and are conically turned. The legs can be mounted both ways – straight or slightly inclined.


Motif / pattern

Simple geometrical shapes, graphic patterns and distinctive colours make the table a perfect eye-catcher for your home.

Lines, circles, triangles and rectangles are basic geometric shapes - uncomplicated but nevertheless striking and spectacular.


Where can I buy the table?

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Tusch Berlin | Tische mit Mustern | Tables with patterns

Tusch Berlin | Tische mit Mustern | Tables with patterns